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It doesn't matter how long it takes to make, it matters how long it lasts.

Sylvia Moritz is an Austrian illustrator and printmaker based in Vienna. Observations of her surroundings play a vital role in shaping the direction of her practice, which usually has underlying environmentalist attitudes.

As well as etching, Sylvia works meticulously with techniques including screen-printing, pencil, pen, and digital illustration.

Sylvia studied Graphic Communication at ‘Die Graphische’ in Vienna. Later, she spent a year studying Illustration at the SMFA (School of the Museum of Fine Arts) in Boston, and studying printmaking at the University of Berkeley in San Francisco.
In 2011, Sylvia enrolled at the University of the Arts London and practised etching, screen-printing and graphic design. During this time she undertook a six-month intensive at The Parsons New School for Design, New York. She graduated first from Camberwell College of Arts, in 2014.
Sylvia has worked to develop her own studio in Austria. Complete with a full-sized etching press, she is now expanding her range of editions alongside raising a family and running her secondary business, The City Works.

The Etching Process

Etching is a method of making original prints using a copper or zinc plate. Here's a summary of my process.

The plate is cut to size, heated on a bed, and coated in a hard ground wax. The drawing is then carved into the wax, using a needle to expose the metal underneath.
The plate is immersed in a bath of acid, which ‘bites’ only the exposed metal, permanently ‘etching’ the drawing into the plate. Ink is then rubbed into the engraving with the excess wiped away.
The printing paper is then wetted and dried flat between boards and layers of blotting paper. The plate is placed onto the bed of the press, and the paper is laid over the plate.
Blankets are layered on top to absorb the pressure of the press. The plate is then rolled through the press, and the print is revealed. The print is placed to dry flat under drying boards and heavy weights.


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